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Monthly archive for April 2015

Man With Van Catford Doing An Incredible Job

I was in a state of confusion when I got my first appointment letter. I was quite apprehensive and there were a lot of things that were bothering. Moving to a totally new place where you do not know anyone is quite difficult. The biggest task ever is to move your belongings and possession in a limited time. I was getting really upset. I felt that pondering over the problem would not help me much so I started to look for a solution. I came across an advertisement of a house removal service named as Man With Van Hire Catford. I had this feeling that this service was the solution to my problem.

Man and VanThe next thing I did was to call on the given contact numbers. The service was at my place in the next few hours. I discussed the packing task with them. After telling them my requirements I felt like my depression had simply vanished as their crew was so nice and supportive. I had a little discussion with their head too and I was pleasantly surprised after I came to know about their rates. They were highly affordable and within the reach of a common man like me.

The team supervisor told me that they would be able to help the next time as well. While we were sitting discussing their job the crew came in the living room. They had packed the rest of the house and this was the only room remaining I was pleasantly shocked that they could pack up the house so fast. The service had done the packing in a great way so I knew that it would be very easy for me to unpack the stuff. Every box was labeled for my convenience.

After they were done with their work I was asked to check whether I was satisfied with the packing procedure of my belongings. I was not only satisfied but was happy with their job as they packed each and every item with the right packing material and the delicate decoration pieces were packed in a way that they do not get damaged or broken. Now, it was time to shift, the packed stuff was efficiently placed in their van and I accompanied them to my new location.

It is hard for me to imagine now that a few hours ago, I was in a state of panic about this hectic packing and shifting task but Man with Van Catford service made things simple for me. I had a great experience with them as they were efficient, supportive and most importantly affordable which matters the most for all of us. If I ever need to move my house again, guess what would be my first choice? Yes, you got it right; it would be Man with Van Catford service for sure. This service is simply fabulous and I believe in their worth. They did a great job for me.