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Monthly archive for September 2015

Van Hire Horley An Exceptional Junk Clearance Service

My basement was in massive need of junk clearance. The task had been deferred for quiet sometime and couldn’t wait anymore. All the junk that we had was accumulated there. I mean that the things were not junk when they were put in there but they were just unwanted. Over the years, the entire place had turned into a wild mess, covered with dust and spider webs. There were some rats in there too. I decided to clear off the entire mess and was in search of a professional service for this task. I didn’t want to indulge in this task alone It was beyond my capacity to clean and dispose of the junk, so the need of a professional help was mandatory.

I asked my friends to find out a service provider for my help and one of them asked me to contact the Van Hire Horley service. He had hired this service for junk clearance from his garage, a year ago. He seemed to be quiet satisfied with the services rendered by this service provider. I took the contact number of the service and called on the number to inquire about the charges and details of the services.

Man and VanThe customer services officer at the service desk of the Man and Van Horley service answered all my queries patiently. She had a very calm and professional manner. I was glad to find out that the cost of hiring the service was not much. I didn’t want to spend much on the junk clearance in any case. There were no additional charges for hiring the service for the weekend. My weekdays are always busy because of my work so I hired the service provider for the coming Sunday and the good lady confirmed the booking.

On Sunday morning, two professional men from the Man and Van Horley service arrived at my place, just in time. They were courteous and it was a pleasure to meet them. I showed them the basement area and was half expecting them to show their disgust on the wild mess that was in there. However, the professional team of the service provider maintained very calm expressions and assured me that they will clear the basement in just few hours.

I wanted them to dispose of the entire stuff. The efficient team members of the service provider had already brought in some cartons for this purpose. The preparation of this meticulous team was great to witness. They were really quick in tasks execution and I was impressed with their flawless execution of the work. In no time, the basement area started to clear off and in three hours, the entire basement was clean and free of any mess. I was delighted to see the cleaned area and thanked this marvelous team for such a great help.

I am absolutely impressed with this professional and hardworking team and will hire the service again. You should also give this service a chance.

Man And Van Windsor An Excellent Junk Clearing Service

When my basement was totally full of the junk and it couldn’t accumulate anymore unwanted stuff from the house, my intelligent wife started to put the unused and unnecessary things from the entire home in the corners of the car garage. It might be very convenient for her to get rid of the things this way but it was extremely inconvenient for me as my car started getting scratches due to the narrow space that I was getting due to the crowding of the garage.

It raised my temper a great deal but then I decided to call off my plans for a big fight. I knew that no matter what I do, my wife will be the winner in any argument so instead of wasting my time on a fight, I tried finding out a professional junk clearance service that could take away all the junk from the basement and the garage. However, on contacting several services, it became evident that all such junk clearance services had really high rates and hence they were out of my reach.

When I discussed the problem with one of my old friends, he asked me to hire the services of the Man and Van Windsor service. He works for a warehouse and his company frequently hires this service provider for the clearance of the junk. He told me that the cost of hiring this service is not much and gave me the contact number of the service.

Man and VanI contacted the Man and Van Windsor service the very next day. The customer services executive was very professional and helpful. She provided the details of the service in a very pleasant manner. I was astounded to know about the low rates of hiring the service and hired a crew of two men for the weekend. I was expecting her to quote any extra charges for the weekend, but I was further amazed by the fact that this fabulous service provider doesn’t charge an extra penny for the weekend services.

On Saturday morning, two very courteous team members of this fantastic service provider arrived at my place. I didn’t know what to expect and asked them if I should quickly arrange the cartons in which they will take away the junk. However, I was again taken aback by surprise when the efficient workers of the service provider informed me that they had brought in all the required cartons and supplies. I was already in love with this team.

I showed them in the basement and garage. The meticulous team members of the Man and Van Windsor are well trained in their tasks and they started to work quickly but efficiently. It was amazing to witness the perfection in their movement. After finishing the junk clearance of basement in a little more than one hour, they quickly started to clear off the garage. Both the places were flawlessly cleaned in less than two hours by this marvelous team.